About us


The meaning of the word “forage” describes the process insurance feed of raw materials from the nature as fruitage, fruits, trees and plants.


We supply top-quality (wild and not) collected raw material and their products worldwide in restaurants / yacht / delicatessen / villas but also to every costumer who want to taste our products. Out of respect for fertile greek land and her fruitage, our business has growth network of partners all over Greece and with respect in the environment ensures top-quality for raw material which we manage such as raw mushrooms / truffle / potherb / greek fruitage / herbs!!

Our ideal is the promotion of special tastes and forgotten varieties of super foods as well their products. Forage is the first copmany in Greece which collect, alter, standardize wild and not greek food of high culinary value.

Our policy, respect for the consumer and the high-quality product. Forage.gr don’t use chemicals and is additive-free also assure the quality of product unchanged with physical treatment.